22-year-old girl living in Scotland and dreaming of elsewhere. Fan of books, dead things, hot drinks, the colour black, and crippling self doubt. Homeowner. Student. Retail slave. Cat hugger. Forever in want of just one more pair of shoes.
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Jack Skellington is gonna fuck shit up.…(I practised my Halloween make-up)


Jack Skellington is gonna fuck shit up.

…(I practised my Halloween make-up)

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nonsleepy asked: lady grey, chamomile, oolong! :-)

nonsleepy you always come through for me. ^_^

1. My T-shirt-tucked-into-skirt-with-cardigan/black tights/clunky-footwear uniform is pretty solid, but you knew that already. ;)

2. The Breakfast Club probably, or The Aristocats. Almost anything Disney/Pixar, really. I also like Tim Burton because predictable.

3. Living in a pretty space I enjoy, doing a job where I feel like I matter, being hopelessly in love, travelling as much as time/money will allow, seeing friends frequently, mothering several cats and dogs and perhaps a small child eventually(????), and of course adding to my shoe collection. It’s pretty vague but also weirdly specific because the future is a paradox and I its puzzled slave.

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New sketches for sale on my Etsy shop!

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